Our Offer

Web Site

Our skills at the service of your website:

  • Company web site: Do you want a web site representing you or your brand, allowing you to describe your activity, show your products, contact you, keep your customers informed … ?
  • E-Commerce: Do you want to have an online shop and manage it yourself?
  • Collaborative Tools: Do you need a platform allowing distant coworkers to work as a team in order to get your business growing?
  • Community Systems: Is your community only waiting for a tailor-made tool to organise itself?

Web Services

In order to provide optimal quality to our customers, we have to master every single single aspect of it.  This is why we have competences in these domains:

Web Services we offer

  • Hosting: We host your web site on a shared or dedicated server, according to your bandwith and security requirements.
  • Review: Your site already exists, but needs to be renewed. Whether at the graphic or technological level, we help you update it.
  • Backup: Your web site is an evolving tool that contains more data every day. Our backup service removes the risk of data loss.
  • Domain Name: Whether you have one or many domain names, a good management of these is a key to your site’s success.
  • Webvertisement: We do your site’s link referencing in directories, marketing analysis of its traffic, and help you set objectives and reach them.

Custom-made Solutions

  • E-Showcase: Allows easily creating an online catalogue and dedicated search engine to show your products.
  • Open Estate: Allows to easily creating an online catalog and dedicated search engine to show your real estate properties (includes a map for each property).
  • Skill CMS: A revolutionary CMS and framework; still under major development and we hope to reveal it soon.

If you still cannot find the web solution you are looking for, we probably didn’t express ourselves clearly! Please Contact us in order to see how we can help you setup your website!