Updated from 23d of January, SOPA and PIPA have been postponed in the US, more info in our latest article on the topic.

SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act - breaks Internet

“Protect IP” and “SOPA”, and “Stop Online Piracy Act” are the latest American trials at tackling online piracy.

Usually our posts are identical in French and English, this time however, this French post is much larger as it contains a translation of a very interesting essay about SOPA.
We are very gratefull to the “Stanford Law Review” for the authorization they gave us to translate one of their articles to French and publish it.
Please note that neither the authors nor the Stanford Law Review approved our translation.

This essay explains how and why SOPA does not comply with the American Constitution as well as why it is probably the most dangerous threat to the Internet as a unique, unified communication media.

Please read the original article called Don’t Break the Internet available on the Stanford Law Review website for a detailed insight of the risks involved with SOPA.